[Mailman-Users] qrunner fails to start after upgrade to 2.1.1

Kysh clfa at lapdragon.org
Mon May 5 02:20:01 CEST 2003

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 11:14:35PM +0200, Feczak Szabolcs wrote:
> Hi, 
> We have upgraded mailman to 2.1.1-5 on debian sid, 
> using python version 2.2.2-6. Web interface works
> okay, but qrunner is failed to start normally, so
> no mails from the que is delviered to the list members.

I had an identical problem, but nobody had an answer for me. 
(Several wanted me to try and debug, but I don't have time to debug broken code
 all day for every app that doesn't quite work right)

I was able to hobble along for many months by just running 
/var/lib/mailman/bin/qrunner -r All &. 

I got it working again 'for real' just recently, by backing up $PREFIX/lists,
purging all semblances of mailman, upgrading python to the latest of everything,
reinstalling mailman and copying $PREFIX/lists back over.

I am not happy with what I had to do to make that work, but it worked.

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