[Mailman-Users] Web creation of new mailing list

g.lams at itcilo.it g.lams at itcilo.it
Mon May 5 18:05:50 CEST 2003

Hi all

I've installed mailman-2.1.1 on RH8 with qmail 1.03
Everything work's fine, I'me able to create new mailing lists using the 
provided newlist script and to manage those lists via web.

I would like to allow some users to create mailing list from the web. I've 
used the mmsitepass provided with the -c option but I've still an "you are 
not authorized to create a mailing list".
The posts on this mailing at a first glance seem to be related to Postfix, 
which is not my case.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Have a nice day


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