[Mailman-Users] Importing archives without splitting into months.

Jonathan Bentley jbentley at erin.gov.au
Tue May 6 02:07:28 CEST 2003


  I was wondering if anyone is able to answer a question I have about importing 
old mhonarc mbox files into Mailman.
  The lists that I want to import are generally low-traffic announcement lists.  
For example, a message gets sent out to members once a month to update them on 
the latest developments in leap-frogging or something.
  These lists have had more or less one post a month for several years now.  
Unfortunately when I try to import them into Mailman using the 'bin/arch' tool 
they get split up into posts for each month - each month containing only one or 
two posts, rather than showing a list of all posts over the last year...  Hmm.. 
I hope this makes sense..
  Is there some undocumented parameter I can pass to 'arch' to tell it to not 
import the mbox by month and to do it by year instead??
  Any suggestions on how to avoid this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  Cheers heaps,

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