[Mailman-Users] changing mailman homedir

Flavien fle at netgem.com
Fri May 9 16:54:44 CEST 2003


I got it working. Here are some tips for the archives, in case
someone needs it (not as an example of "the Good Way to do it"

*) bin/move_list is your friend : It updates the paths in the 
   DB files for each list. Run it for each of them.
*) The pyc files are not the problem, I choose to regenerate
them, no idea if it was needed or if at the next run they would
have been re-generated because their py-equivalent was newer.
It just happens that I did regenerate them :
        #Not a copy-paste. May include errors
        echo "import py_compile" >> ./regenerate.py
        (for f in `find . -name *.py` ; do 
                echo "py_compile.compile('$f')"; 
        done) >> ./regenerate.py
        python ./regenerate.py
*) Then, I had a look at the wrappers, as Richard pointed out.
I had to compile them again (they contained references to /home/mailman) : 
In mailman's source, I edited ./config.status and changed the /home/mailman 
to /usr/local/home/mailman, ran ./config.status, cd src ; make; make install

Hope this helps,

PS: May I suggest that the paths could be built from $HOME of the 
mailman user at runtime instead of beeing hard-coded at build time 
and be in every PY/PYC/DB file ? It would have made my task today
much easier. :o)

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