[Mailman-Users] how to add existing mail to new list archive?

Mark Rauterkus Mark at Rauterkus.com
Sun May 11 20:24:05 CEST 2003

I TOO wanted to put some older messages (pre MM list) into the list 
archives. I don't have access to a UNIX .mbox file --- but I guess I could
do it some other way. Just editing the .mbox file with a text editor didn't

Does this workaround make sense?

I guess I could set up a new user on the server. Mail all the messages into
that new users account via email. Then, I'd go to that .mbox file and cut
and paste the starting contents into the archive file.

Then I'd clean up and nuke the new user's account, etc.

- - -

Perhaps it would be good to have a FAQ on this. Is there a few special
characters that go into the start of a .mbox file that are not seen with a
text editor? I guess I don't know the magic of a .mbox file and how it fits
into the archives. So, I've got to know more about .mbox things to better
know how to set up a great MM service.


> At 22:58 10/05/2003, Randall J. Parr wrote:
>>How can I add existing mail to the archive of a newly created list?
>>Preferably without sending it all through the new list.
>>Temporal Arts
> If you have it in the form of a UNIX mbox file you should be able to add at
> the start of the the list's mbox file
> ($prefix/archives/private/<listname>.mbox/<listname>.mbox) and then use the
> $prefix/bin/arch script to rebuild the list's archive.


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