[Mailman-Users] two errors causing shunting.

clay at dawning.com.cn clay at dawning.com.cn
Tue May 13 11:40:17 CEST 2003

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 04:40:22PM +0900, Tokio Kikuchi wrote:
> Hi, chinese users.
> I was playing on the ChineseCodecs and made a tar ball suitable
> for including in the mailman distribution.
> http://mm.tkikuchi.net/ChineseCodecs-1.1.0p.tar.gz
> Place it in the $(sourcedir)/misc and you will have to rewite
> Makefile.in and paths.py.in then configure and make install.
> Rewriting is rather easy because there are ja and ko entries.
> Please test if it works for you.

Great! It works ;)

But there was a pitfall I met:

I'd installed the stock ChineseCodecs on my box(under one of Python's
standard module paths), and, at least on my box, that conflicted with
Tokio's tar ball in some way, and prevented mailman from supporting
simplified chinese properly.

After removed those codecs, everything works just fine ;)  

Thanks for the tar ball and instructions.


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