[Mailman-Users] default_reply_goes_to_list

Christopher Kings-Lynne chriskl at familyhealth.com.au
Wed May 14 05:32:47 CEST 2003

Regarding this setting:

# Mailman can be configured to "munge" Reply-To: headers for any passing
# messages.  One the one hand, there are a lot of good reasons not to munge
# Reply-To: but on the other, people really seem to want this feature.  See
# the help for reply_goes_to_list in the web UI for links discussing the
# issue.
# 0 - Reply-To: not munged
# 1 - Reply-To: set back to the list
# 2 - Reply-To: set to an explicit value (reply_to_address)

If I set that to '2' - how do I set the explicit value?  I've tried:

reply_to_address = 'noreply at noreply.domain.com'

And it seems to be ignored...

That reply_to_address isn't documented anywhere...



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