[Mailman-Users] Problem with HTML -> Plain Text Conversion.

Seth Kneller seth at autismisanotherworld.com
Thu May 15 04:24:08 CEST 2003


This is rather a strange one. I run a list which uses Mailman 2.1.2 and 
Exim as the MTA. Exiscan is also in use to scan for viri and SPAM using 
Sophie and SA respectively.

I have a problem with one subscriber who is using hotmail [yeah I know, 
but there will always be lusers out there!]. Anyway, she has sent 2 
posts so far and each post contains one line:

/root/botjYb: Permission denied
/root/P80Z34: Permission denied

I double checked the emails against the logs, I got one match for each 
email in the error log, which is as follows:

May 09 21:09:01 2003 (20888) HTML->text/plain error: 256
May 13 16:45:55 2003 (20888) HTML->text/plain error: 256

All my MM permission check out and I am really stumped as to what is 
going on here. At first I though it was some kind or SPAM or hack 
attempt, but I have spoken to the lady off list and she is genuine. Also 
her emails to me are HTMLified, so I assume she is sending HTML emails 
by default. I will advise her to chenge to plain text, but I would 
really like to be able to say "don't worry about what format you send it 
in - attachments and HTML will be stripped off when it gets to the list"

My content filtering is set as follows:

filter_content = true

Does anyone have any ideas about this - I am more than willing to 
provide more info if nessecary.



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