[Mailman-Users] Importing emails to mailman's database

Mike Avery mavery at mail.otherwhen.com
Thu May 15 18:27:16 CEST 2003

On 15 May 2003 at 9:01, chris souza wrote:

> I have a list of 15,000 emails. I would like to import
> them to mailman. I would then use mailman to email all
> of them my newsletter. Is this possible?

I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're trying to do... so I'll try to 
answer and you can respond if I missed the target.

If your 15,000 emails are in mbox format, they can be imported into the 
archives using the ~/bin/arch command.  If they aren't in the mbox 
format, that's a simple matter of programming (unless your 15,000 
emails are in 1,000 wierd formats, which often happens).

Importing the emails doesn't send them anywhere.  They wind up in 
the archives.

I'm not sure what you mean by your newsletter.  If you mean an 
emailed newsletter, and if you want to send the 15,000 messages to 
your mailing list subscribers, you risk subscriber anger.  I wouldn't want 
to wake up one morning and discover someone had sent me 15,000 
emails.  It would be a drain on my 56k dialup line.  And more than I'd 
care to try to digest all at once, no matter how involved I was with the 
topic of the newsletter or mailing list.  Even skimming 15,000 email 
subject lines takes a while.

I have a bunch of archives left over from about a dozen mailing lists 
from other list managers and am in the process of converting them to 
mbox format so I can import them.  I wouldn't dream of sending them 
to my subscribers.  Though I will tell them that they are on-line when 
that finally happens.

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