[Mailman-Users] Newsgroup gateway question

Mike Avery mavery at mail.otherwhen.com
Fri May 16 16:44:19 CEST 2003

I really don't like newsgroup software.  I'd rather access newsgroups 
through my email client.  So, when I realized that Mailman would let me 
gate a newsgroup to email, I set it up to gate several of my favorite 

And all was well.  Until someone sent a spam to a newsgroup through 
my mailman server.  And then some anti-spam zealots started beating 
me up.  The words "open relay" were used, through that's not the case.

So, I upgraded from 2.0.12 to 2.1.1.  I looked at the security setup, and 
realized I still can't figure out how to nail down the mailing list.

What I want to do is to allow people to subscribe to the mailing lists, to 
receive messages from the newsgroups and send messages to the 
newsgroups through the mailing list.

I also want to be sure that anyone who is not a subscriber to the 
mailing list can not send messages to the newsgroup.

However, when I nail down the mailing list so only subscribers can post 
to it, all the traffic from the newsgroup is stopped.  I don't want to have 
to approve each message.. life is too short.

So... can anyone suggest how I can get the setup I'm looking for? 

When I asked how I could do this when I first started running version 
2.0.8 I was told, "don't worry about it, so what if the newsgroups can be 
spammed through your server - there's tens of thousands of ways to 
spam newsgroups, one more or less doesn't matter."  It seems it 
matter now.


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