[Mailman-Users] setting posting privileges

Martin Skjoldebrand Martin.Skjoldebrand at forumsyd.se
Sat May 17 17:38:34 CEST 2003

"Gaurav Pathak" <gaurav.p at directi.com> writes:
>The problem is that I have to add all the non subscribers
>who are
>allowed to post without approval individually. I cannot
>add something
>like .*@mycompany.com.
>Is there any method by which I can grant all email address
>particualar domain the ability to send mail without
>approval of

I've been thinking somewhat the same thing.
Do your *@mycompany.com people need to be identifieable
individually be email address?
If not, you could perhaps setup a group on your mail server
and subscribe the group to the list.

Hopefully there is a more ellegant solution.

mvh/ Regards,

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