[Mailman-Users] Basic questions

Lee Stevens LSTEVENS at nwtel.ca
Thu May 22 20:04:26 CEST 2003

Hello all,
I have been trying to do 3 things with a new mailman install.
1.  Restrict my lists so that no-one but the administrator can send
messages... like a message only list.  I have toyed around with some of
the settings, but think it is something in the members DB... a flag or
something that is not in the admin interface.
2. Re-write the welcome message that gets sent out automatically and
customize it to reflect this kind of a setup.  We also are not going to
use the web interface for the users.  This is completely an e-mail only
list with subscribe and un-subscribe options only.  It is for
notifications only.
3.  Change the reply to address to another e-mail address on another
If you can point me in the general direction to look for these or have
suggestions I would be most grateful.  This is my first run with
mailman.  It was installed as part of our SuSE install and I really like
it so far.
Thank you very much!
Lee Stevens
HSI Systems Administrator
IS Support Technician
Northwestel Inc.

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