[Mailman-Users] Moving GNU Mailman...

Paul Malinowski paul.malinowski at wulfsberg.com
Fri May 23 17:20:56 CEST 2003

Great product! We love it it's been a great tool!

I have a question about moving mailman to another system. I am in the 
process of setting up a new hardware as an upgrade to our current 
network server. I am going from RedHat 7.1 which I installed mailman on 
to a new system with RedHat 9.0 where mailman came installed as RPM.

What is the easiest method for moving my lists from 2.0.13 to the other 
system using 2.1? So far I've run newlist to create the list and moved 
mailman/data/<list-files> and 
mailman/archives/private/<list-directories>, but I seem to be missing 
like subscribed users and list settings...

Any suggestions would really help!


Paul Malinowski
Wulfsberg Electronics
Ph: (928)708-1575

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