[Mailman-Users] Setting an explicit reply to

Christopher Kings-Lynne chriskl at familyhealth.com.au
Tue May 27 03:40:31 CEST 2003

> 1 - Don't make changes to the Defaults.py file; make them
>     to the mm_cfg.py file

I know that.

> 2 - Changes to the mm_cfg.py file do not affect existing
>     lists; these changes affect future lists - they act
>     as a default for them

I know that as well :)

> 3 - If you really want to do this from the command line
>     then use ~mailman/bin/config_list to dump out the list
>     configuration and make the changes there, then dump
>     them back into the list using config_lists again.

Yes, but there is still no option for setting the reply-to address.

> 4 - Go the easy route and use the Web-admin to make your
>     changes to the lists configuration.  The options you
>     are looking for are in the General Options page, and
>     fields are clearly marked (including the place where
>     you insert the email address).

Yeah, but I want all the new lists I create, based of mm_cfg.py to inherit
the explicity reply to automatically...


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