[Mailman-Users] Virtual domains

Fuzzy fuzzy at pooh.ASARian.org
Sat Nov 1 18:23:37 CET 2003

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Merle Reine wrote:

> It does appear that whatever mailing list you create, i.e. list1 is
> available to all domains and virtual domains.
> For example,
> I have domain1, domain2, domain3.
> I create a mailing list of cust_help .  I can then email to
> cust_help at domain1 or cust_help at domain2 or cust_help at domain3.
> This not very good.  I have used many other mailing list managers and
> this is not the case and I am able to have the same list name under each
> domain and virtual domain be a separate list.

I use Sendmail's virtual user table to make sure that the user id
is not valid for the other virtual the other domains. That
seems to work. Mail has to be addressed to the virtual domain
to be delivered. There is still the issue of duplicate list names,
but I think virtusertable can redirect that also?

(virtusertable on pooh.asarian.org hosting

mt2 at multipletreasures.org		mt2
mt2 at pooh.asarian.org			error:nouser
mt2-admin at multipletreasures.org		mt2-admin
mt2-admin at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-bounces at multipletreasures.org	mt2-bounces
mt2-bounces at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-confirm at multipletreasures.org	mt2-confirm
mt2-confirm at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-join at multipletreasures.org		mt2-join
mt2-join at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-leave at multipletreasures.org		mt2-leave
mt2-leave at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-owner at multipletreasures.org		mt2-owner
mt2-owner at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-request at multipletreasures.org	mt2-request
mt2-request at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-subscribe at multipletreasures.org	mt2-subscribe
mt2-subscribe at pooh.asarian.org		error:nouser
mt2-unsubscribe at multipletreasures.org	mt2-unsubscribe
mt2-unsubscribe at pooh.asarian.org	error:nouser

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