[Mailman-Users] about verp and qmail

Alexis alexis at attla.net.ar
Sat Nov 1 18:44:30 CET 2003

Ok, ive readed and configured verp.
Im using mailmain 2.1.3 and qmail

Reading the faq ive configured verp like it shows.

With full personalization marked, i receive the messages with the recipient
address but also receive a Cc: with the list address.

Selecting Yes in the personalize option, i receive a msg with the list
address in To: field.

In my test list some messages has arrived in the right way, it is, real
sender and recipient.

But then ive configured the test list with config_list -i and cannot get it
working again.

Please, any help?

The only thing i need is to configure 11 lists as distribution lists, we
have aroung 5000 subscriptors by list. And we need the To: field be the real
recipient email address.

Thanks in advance.

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