[Mailman-Users] changing log rotation

Luigi Rosa lrosa at mail.hypertrek.info
Sat Nov 1 19:20:01 CET 2003

Hello Craig,

Saturday, November 1, 2003, 7:01:46 PM, you wrote:

CI> Thank you.  I assume that if I want smtp logs to rotate weekly I
CI> would just add another section with the 'weekly' command,
CI> correct?

The defaults are set by /etc/logrotate.conf

/etc/logrotate.d contains some files with the definitions of the logfiles and
the some special actions to be taken in the rotate process. If you take a
look at the existing files, you probably guess many things.

the basic format of the files in /etc/logrotate.conf is

/var/log/filename1 /var/log/filename2 /var/log/filenamen {

The options between {} override the oprions set in /etc/logrotate.conf

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