[Mailman-Users] subject line appears blank

Bruce Embrey embrey at hood.edu
Mon Nov 3 18:55:40 CET 2003


I am running Mailman 2.1.1 in a RedHat Linux 8.0 server. On my lists that 
have long names, if someone sends a message with a long subject line the 
first line will be blank except for the list name such as 
[powerusers_group] and then on the second line will be the subject. This 
only happens will long subject lines. Shouldn't the subject line wrap from 
the first to the second lines and how do I fix this?

Bruce Embrey

Bruce Edward Embrey : Linux Systems Manager
Campus Email Admin : UNIX / Linux Administrator
Hood College : embrey at hood.edu : Phone (301)696-3927

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