[Mailman-Users] Moving to mailman from ezmlm

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Tue Nov 4 09:26:23 CET 2003

03-Nov-03 at 21:58, Daniel S. Reichenbach (dsr at best-off.org) wrote :
> >Pipermail (the archiver used in Mailman) creates its html archives from
> >an Mbox style mailbox file. If ezmlm has a similar format, then it's
> >easily done.
> actually it's not an mbox file. It uses the Maildir+ format.
> So it will be a conversion road. Okay then I'll search.

I have a tool I cooked up in PERL to convert a Maildir-like format (some
proprietary webmail format akin to maildir) to mailbox; there are
probably other tools out there but if you're stuck I'd be happy to send
it on to you, you would be able to alter it easily if you needed to
cover anything unusual about date formats and so on.

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