[Mailman-Users] mailman & AOL's "Client TOS notification"

Ricardo Kustner mailman at rixhq.nu
Tue Nov 4 17:54:56 CET 2003


Chuq Von Rospach wrote:

> anyone on any of my lists who files a spam complaint against my mail 
> list gets unsubscribed. when they resubscribe and complain about being 
> dropped, they get The Lecture and The Warning. If they send a second 
> round of spam complaints, they get unsubscribed and banned.

I wish I could do that: my current mailman setup doesn't put the user's 
address in the "To:" address and since those wonderful AOL reports only 
include the original message, I can't tell from who it is coming!! A few 
of them were those monthly reminders, so I could get the email addr from 
there, but most of them were regular list and digest posts :(

So my current situation is that my ISP is risking to get blacklisted and 
I can't do anything about it except for shutting down the lists or 
remove & block all AOL users :(



> I had an extreme case of this last week. A user filed about five spam 
> complaints with AOL against one of my lists. I unsubscribed her. She 
> resubscribed immediately without sending any email at all. So I sent her 
> the Lecture and the Warning via email. that bounced because of her 
> address book sendings. So she got unsubscribed again to get her notice, 
> and I SMTP blocked her with a 500 message telling her to contact me via 
> another address.
> Her response: attempt to subscribe again. The confirmation, of course, 
> was rejected by my server, and that rejection, of course, bounced 
> because of her spam blocking settings. And so we sit. One might think, 
> if stuff like this were happening, to actually e-mail the ADMIN asking 
> what the hell's going on -- but no?
> And frankly, that's not MY problem. Not any more. Not after all these 
> AOL users doing stupid things because AOL writes software to encourage 
> it...
> chuq (but I'm not bitter!)
> On Nov 4, 2003, at 7:54 AM, Ricardo Kustner wrote:
>> Are there any other mailmain admins here who also get alot of 
>> complaints through AOL? Any tips on what I can do about it before my 
>> server and possibly ISP gets blacklisted?
> .

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