[Mailman-Users] Re: personalization

Ricardo Kustner mailman at rixhq.nu
Tue Nov 4 22:14:05 CET 2003

sorry for the lack of quoting, but I was subscribed to the digest 
version of mailman-users, so I can't easily reply to individual messages.
Anyway I just found out that personalization will only solve half my 
problem: the list also does digest delivery, and personalization only 
works for non-digest delivery :(

PS: I sent out an informational message to my list (using the Urgent: 
header... Mailman has great features) with extra information about how 
to unsubscribe (in case they can't read the last few lines of every 
message send every day) and guess what they do? Yes... they also report 
THAT email as spam to AOL... aarghhhh....


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