[Mailman-Users] Aliases email for new list

Raewyn Smith rsmith at unitec.ac.nz
Wed Nov 5 03:24:51 CET 2003

I have (apparently) successfully set up Mailman 2.1.3 on my server (RedHat, Sendmail). When I create a new list, a notification goes out to the list owner, and that's fine. However I assume another email should be sent to me (as the mailman administrator) letting me know that the list was created and listing the alises needed to be added to the /etc/aliases file - but I'm not getting that email.
>From the REAMDE:
    - NOTE: If you are using an MTA other than Exim or Postfix
      (e.g. Sendmail or qmail), then you'll need to do the extra step
      of installing the mailing list aliases manually.  Follow the
      instructions in an email message that you should have received
      (you'll need to know how to do this for your particular MTA, see
      the README for your MTA for more information).

I can't find any more information on where this email should be sent to.
Is my understanding of what should happen right?  What have I not set up correctly?
This seems like a related problem - at the bottom of the list creation email sent to the owner of the list is an email address "if you have any problems email mailman-admin at ....". When I try email that address I get a message sent to "mailman-owner at ..." with subject "Uncaught bounce notification".  I have set up the aliases for the mailman list and the 'list administrator', of the mailman list is me. What is the difference between mailman-owner and mailman-admin? Where should those addresses come from. Why does an email to mailman-owner bounce?
Thanks for any help!

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