[Mailman-Users] Aliases email for new list

Jim Drash jim at jimdrash.com
Wed Nov 5 04:11:46 CET 2003

It is a bad assumption. Mailman only sends and e-mail to the list owner.

Raewyn Smith wrote:

> I have (apparently) successfully set up Mailman 2.1.3 on my server (RedHat, Sendmail). When I create a new list, a notification goes out to the list owner, and that's fine. However I assume another email should be sent to me (as the mailman administrator) letting me know that the list was created and listing the alises needed to be added to the /etc/aliases file - but I'm not getting that email.
>>From the REAMDE:
>     - NOTE: If you are using an MTA other than Exim or Postfix
>       (e.g. Sendmail or qmail), then you'll need to do the extra step
>       of installing the mailing list aliases manually.  Follow the
>       instructions in an email message that you should have received
>       (you'll need to know how to do this for your particular MTA, see
>       the README for your MTA for more information).
> I can't find any more information on where this email should be sent to.
> Is my understanding of what should happen right?  What have I not set up correctly?
> This seems like a related problem - at the bottom of the list creation email sent to the owner of the list is an email address "if you have any problems email mailman-admin at ....". When I try email that address I get a message sent to "mailman-owner at ..." with subject "Uncaught bounce notification".  I have set up the aliases for the mailman list and the 'list administrator', of the mailman list is me. What is the difference between mailman-owner and mailman-admin? Where should those addresses come from. Why does an email to mailman-owner bounce?
> Thanks for any help!
> Raewyn.
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