[Mailman-Users] Moving Lists between Systems/versions of Mailman

Ken Scott admin at shellworld.net
Wed Nov 5 06:08:15 CET 2003

We presently have Mailman v2.0.13 installed, with several lists created.
We're going to be moving shortly to a new system, on which I have
installed v2.1.3.  Can I:

(a) copy all appropriate files and aliases, etc., to the new system and
    have the lists  run successfully, without actually having to re-create

(b) re-create the lists, then copy all appropriate files and aliases,
etc.,     and have them run successfully?

If the answer is no to both, what then would be the proper procedure to
follow in such a situation?  One of these lists alone has several thousand
subscribers, so I'd hate for my list owners to have to start over from

Thanks in advance for any help.

admin at shellworld.net

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