[Mailman-Users] Can't post to list

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Wed Nov 5 09:52:45 CET 2003

On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 01:14  am, Foo, Randy wrote:

> Hi,
> Another newbie question:
>  Red Hat 9,
> apache web server 2.0.47,
> Mailman 2.1.2.  compiled from both apache.org and the mailman site
> source.
> Sendmail is the MTA
> I've created a list called "connery," through the web interface, but
> cannot post to it.  I entered the aliases for the list into
> /etc/aliases, and ran newalias, and even tried putting an alias file in
> at /etc/mail/aliases.  So far, I haven't even gotten a bounce message
> when trying to post - it's like the mail went into a black hole.  I
> presume the mail servers are probably holding the mail and trying to
> deliver repeatedly.
> Sendmail 'seems' to be working, as the list creation mail went *out* 
> ok,
> but perhaps it's not receiving.  Not sure if this is a mailman issue.
> Am also not versed in sendmail (who is? it's huge!)
> Any help in fixing this is greatly appreciated.

Did you create the mailman site list, run '$prefix/bin/mailmanctl 
start' and install the mailman crontab?

> Randy

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