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Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Wed Nov 5 17:01:43 CET 2003


On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 03:25  pm, McKeever Chris wrote:

> On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 08:03 , Richard Barrett <r.barrett at ftel.co.uk> sent:
>> On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 12:58  am, McKeever Chris wrote:
>>> I am trying to figure out how to resolve PDF's being converted into
>>> .obj extensions in the archive (they get sent to list subscribers
>>> still in .pdf
>>> form).
>>> I have tried sending from multiple clients (yahoo, our webmail, and
>>> Outlook Express) and I keep getting this issue.
>>> Ultimately, I would like the .obj to just be .PDF so end-users do not
>>> get the 'open with' dialog box.
>>> Here is a sample archived message:
>>> A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
>>> Name: x-4.pdf
>>> Type: application/octet-stream
>> You problem is the MIME type the MUA attaching the PDF file is putting
>> in the Content-type. It appears to be saying it is
>> application/octet-stream rather than application/pdf
>> It is questionable practice to rely on the file suffix to ascribe
>> content type and Mailman does not appear to so do, which is why a file
>> originally called xxx.pdf becomes yyy.obj
>> If the Content-type is corrected I think you will find Mailman 
>> extracts
>> the attachments into .pdf suffixed filenames.
>>> Size: 55233 bytes
>>> Desc: not available
>>> Url :
>>> http://list.domain.com/pipermail/filefax/attachments/20031104/
>>> ea6ccb1e/x-4-0001.obj
> I understand that it is questionable, but there isnt _anything_ I can 
> do on the MUA side, and seeing that it isnt a public list/archive
> that really only gets .pdf files (sent via a fax server) I dont think 
> it is all that dangerous.
> I need to figure out how to have the code rely on the extension over 
> the content type.  If anyone has knowledge of modifying the
> Scrubber.py (I think that is where it is) to allow this, please let me 
> know

Attached is a crude little patch that may solve your problem. You can 
apply the patch from  within either the MM build directory and rerun 
./configure and make install, or to the $prefix directory, using the 
following command:

     patch -p1 < path-to-patchfile

Particularly if you decide to apply the patch to the MM $prefix 
directory then do first take a backup of 
$prefix/Mailman/Handlers/Scrubber.py in case the patched code doesn't 
work and you need to revert.

You will need to restart mailmanctl after applying the patch.

Let me know how you get on.


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