[Mailman-Users] Permission Denied / Content Filtering

Richard Barrett r.barrett at openinfo.co.uk
Wed Nov 5 17:27:51 CET 2003

On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 04:00  pm, Timothy Brooks wrote:

> I've had a very hard time with my lists ever since my provider 
> upgraded to 2.1.2.  The most recent problem is that messages sent via 
> Hotmail (and some other Web-based mail programs) come through like 
> this:
> /root/HJBt9Y: Permission denied

I will take a SWAG that you are operating through cPanel.

A while back I set up an account with a hosting service precisely to 
explore how MM operates under such an installed environment. Today, I 
have found exactly the problem you describe for post containing 
text/html parts although it wasn't occurring the last time I looked a 
few weeks back. Also the archiving has stopped working for the list 
emitting such broken messages.

Conclusion is that the cPanel folks, who are the ones integrating their 
modified version of Mailman Open Software into their charged-for 
commercial cPanel package, have fouled something up. Looks like some 
sort of permission problems maybe. Looking at the Mailman source 
distribution I cannot see where the '/root/stuff' insertions are coming 
from and I suspect it is not from code in the vanilla MM source but 
from cPanel modified Mailman code which I cannot find a way to get hold 
of GPL license notwithstanding.

Best bet is to persuade your ISP to take cPanel to task - well they are 
charging him for the product - and try posting to cPanel's support list 
for all the good it will do.

> This only happens with Content Filtering turned on.  My content 
> filtering settings are:
> 1.  Should Mailman filter?  Yes.  [when this is set to "no," people 
> using Microsoft Exchange Server get messages as attachments only.]
> 2.  Remove messages with these attachments:  [blank]
> 3.  Remove messages that don't have these attachments:
>                 multipart/mixed
>                 multipart/alternative
>                 text/html
>                 text/plain
>                 image/jpg
>                 image/jpeg
>                 image/gif
>                 audio/basic
>                 audio/mpg
>                 audio/mpeg
>                 audio/wav
>                 video/asf
>                 video/mpeg
>                 video/mpg
>                 video/quicktime
> [some of these types still get stripped.  For example, mpgs don't make 
> it through.]
> 4.  Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain text?  Yes.  
> [Again, if this is no, Exchange Server people are getting all messages 
> as attachments.]
> 5.  Action to take when messages match:  Forward to List Owner.
> Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
> Thanks.
> Tim
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