[Mailman-Users] Subscribing aliases of other lists to a mailman list

Christian Schoepplein mail at schoeppi.net
Thu Nov 6 19:09:42 CET 2003


I'm wondering if mailman aliases can be used to subscribe to other lists 
on the same machine. 

Example: I have list1 at tdom1 and list2 at dom1 on the same machine. I 
configure my mta that it uses list1-subscribe at dom1 as senderaddress and 
that it has a valid mailaddress, where I can recive mails. After that i 
write with the address list1-subscribe at dom1 a mail to 
list2-subscribe at dom1 and because of the Reply-To-header with my 
valid address i recive the confirmation. I reply the confirmation also 
with the list1-subscribe at dom1 address and if no aproval of listadmins 
or moderators is required for a listsbuscribtion the list1-subscriebe 
address should be a member of list2 at dom1.

Is mailman able to recognize, if anoyone wants a listsubscription with 
another mailman alias? If not, how can I make sure, that no other 
mailman aliases can be used for subscribtion?

Thanks and best regards,

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