[Mailman-Users] https

Paolo De Riso p.der at tiscali.it
Fri Nov 7 16:41:40 CET 2003

On Fri November 7 2003 16:12, Pablo Chamorro C. wrote:
> I think you should consider do both, regenerate the archives and also
> enforce the https conections.  Another idea is, if it's suitable for your
> users, is to install a browser like Firebird or another that doesn't show
> annoying messages like the ones you mention.  By the way, the "saving web
> forms" of my browser has came up helpful when the Mailman authentication
> is required.

Yes finally I would do both, just to be sure everyone use https via.
I can't say anything about browsers to my users :( 
I have to do the things in the most transaparent and 
most portable way.
> On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Paolo De Riso wrote:
> > Leaving the list archive as it is and using Apache module mod_rewrite
> > was my first try.
> > I used exactly the same rules the you have suggested.
> > But it seems not work completely. I can't modify some settings in the
> > administration page of the lists. Nevertheless if I didn't care about the
> > internal link in http, the continuous jumping from http to https and
> > viceversa produce (to the user) all that boring (in some case) window
> > messages "you are leaving secure connection".
> >
> > In your case does it happen nothing about that?
> I don't think so, but I'm not completely sure because I've been just
> testing with my lists and I haven't paid too much attention.  Maybe the
> good is my browser ;)
> Pablo

It could depends on the browser .... but also on something during form 
submitting and httpd redirection.

Anyway thank you!!


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