[Mailman-Users] exclamation marks, carriage returns, and admin approval

Fong, Anna anna at water.ca.gov
Fri Nov 7 22:08:37 CET 2003


We have an announce-only list.  We used to have implicit approval on out-going admin messages.  Then we got spammed and had to change to explicit approval for admin messages.  When we did that, we noticed that the messages thru Mailman got processed differently.  Exclamation marks were inserted into paragraphs over 980 characters long and messages no longer were word wrapped.

The user composes his messages in MS Outlook and nothing else has changed.  

I've read the long debate over carriage returns in the archives and I understand Mailman doesn't word wrap.  So where and how do I fix whatever it is that I need to fix so the "behavior" of the list is what it used to be, prior to changing to explicit approval?

Thanks in advance for your advice,


Anna Q. Fong, Webmaster	
California Data Exchange Center	

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