[Mailman-Users] AOL and spam reports

Ryan K. Brooks ryan at hack.net
Sun Nov 9 03:19:07 CET 2003

Please let us know if they are actually able to whitelist you.  I've 
been trying for months to no avail.  Perhaps you have found a more 
intelligent person.


M Ondercin wrote:

>         The 554 error is a new one, they don't even have much info on 
> it in their help resources.  They ran our site through their test 
> procedures and verified that we weren't blacklisted, and that we 
> weren't an open relay and etc.  The current fix that they are offering 
> is to whitelist your site (take all the contact info and such), so 
> they can work with you on the problem directly when it comes up.

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