[Mailman-Users] qfiles piling up, stopping list

Ricky Buchanan rb at tertius.net.au
Sun Nov 9 13:37:25 CET 2003

I'm running an old mailman - version 2.0beta5, installed by
apt-get on a Debian "Potato" system - and it runs >30 mailing
lists perfectly on a very old machine.

We're scheduled to cut over to a brand new Debian version soon,
so we'll be upgrading to the newest mailman version and hopefully
this problem will disappear, but in the meantime its driving me

I have created a new list, bedridden, at:
Its got about 10 members so far, none on digest or nomail.

Simple as you could get.  No fancy anything, nothing I haven't
done on countless other lists on the same machine that all run

Except that about every few messages, with no pattern I can
detect, something gets "stuck" in ~/qfiles and no more messages
go through for that list until the messages are deleted.  I have
gone through all the FAQ steps for trying to fix "no mail gets
through" problems and there are no errors or problems anywhere
reported, except these stray files in ~/qfiles, and if I move the
offending files out of there mail starts to flow again ...  and
then a few messages later it happens all over again.

Are there any solutions beside "upgrade upgrade upgrade"?  Which
is what I'm doing *anyway* as fast as possible.

Ricky Buchanan

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