[Mailman-Users] AOL Issues

PHOTINI at aol.com PHOTINI at aol.com
Sat Nov 8 14:03:17 CET 2003

I am an aol user and for months my friend at earthlink has had trouble 
mailing me and my friend at Compuserve (part od AOL) I have been comapling to AOL 
about this and one response had somethig to with spam. 
here is the message I got
 If there are difficulties sending the e-mail again, please have the sender 
contact the Postmaster of their domain (for example: AOL Members would contact 
postmaster at aol.com). The Postmaster will check for any e-mail gateway problems 
between the sender's Internet Service Provider (ISP) and America Online.
- You can also advise the sender to ask their email provider to call our 
Postmaster Hotline at 703-265-4670 and the Postmaster group will evaluate your 
mailing patterns and resolve any outstanding issues with their server or domain.

NOTE: AOL has developed Solicited Bulk Mailing Guidelines to both aid 
'netizens' with their online marketing campaigns and to protect our member base from 
e-mail abuse. 

This is the reason why we also have the 554 series of Mailer Daemon error 
messages which explain that server is generating high volumes of member 
complaints from AOL.  If they received such error messages, they may need to review our 
Unsolicited Bulk E-mail policy at http://www.aol.com/info/bulkemail.html and 
until such issues are resolved, AOL may not accept further e-mail transactions 
from the given server or domain. 

Please let me know if that helped, if it has to do with AOL blocking I like 
to know, 
you can mail me at my other addy at photini at msn.com
thanx I really wnat to get this solved too...

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