[Mailman-Users] Standard-URL for all mailinglists on all virtual domains

Thomas C. Fischer fischer at tcf.de
Tue Nov 11 18:09:29 CET 2003


I was searching desperately to find a way to solve my problem, but
everything I have found was sort of very unconvenient...

What I want to do, is actually pretty simple:

I have two virtual domains on one server, i.e. dom1.de and dom2.de. For
both domains I want to use mailman to create mailinglists.

BUT: I want to administer ALL the lists via the first domains SSL-Server
called ssl.dom1.de. So regardless of what list there is, I want them all
in the same webinterface.

I have seen the fix_url script that does the trick after having created
the lists. But I want it to be correct from the beginning... I am sure
there is a way, but the config parameters for virtual hosting are sooo
strange... Too much for me, actually.. ;-)

There is another topic that raises: Why can I create a list on a
virtual server with bin/newlist but not with the webinterface. There I get
an error that I am not allowed to use @ in the listname... Any fix for

Thanks for any help,


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