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Alessandra La Spina laspina at dm.unipi.it
Wed Nov 12 13:42:36 CET 2003

I'm trying to create a moderated list (with a lot of non-moderated users).
Is there a way to unset the moderation flag for a user using the command 
line options
(e.g. not using the web interface) - so that I can use a script to unset
the flag individually for a list of users?
Thank you for your help.
Alessandra La Spina


Alessandra La Spina
Dipartimento di Matematica - Centro di Calcolo
Universita' di Pisa

tel. +39-050-2213 263
e-mail: laspina at dm.unipi.it 
www: http://www.dm.unipi.it/cdc/index.html

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