[Mailman-Users] mailman issues... using seperate web/mail servers.

franki franki at htmlfixit.com
Wed Nov 12 22:58:07 CET 2003

Hello guys,

I am relatively new to mailman, but for the last year or so I have run 
several lists using it...

I recently split my web server and mail server up, (they were previously 
on the same machine,  now they are on the same internal network, but 
different machines.)

Mailman is the only thing I've not been able to sort out with this new 

I setup postfix on the new server and installed mailman. (2.1.2) with no 
probs.. I then set relayhost in that postfix to use the real mail server 
for any mail to go out...

Then on the old machine which is now just the mail server, but used to 
be both web and mail, I changed the aliases for mailman in 
/etc/postfix/aliases so that instead of piping commands to the mailman 
binary, they instead directed list posts to the web servers postfix (I 
used a fake internal domain "internal.com" for the web servers postfx 
mydestination and added it to the hosts file of both machines) The 
aliases are now in this form:

mailman-admin:        mailman-admin at internal.com
mailman-bounces:      mailman-bounces at internal.com
mailman-confirm:      mailman-confirm at internal.com
mailman-join:         mailman-join at internal.com
mailman-leave:        mailman-leave at internal.com
mailman-owner:        mailman-owner at internal.com
mailman-request:      mailman-request at internal.com
mailman-subscribe:    mailman-subscribe at internal.com
mailman-unsubscribe:  mailman-unsubscribe at internal.com

Then on the web server, I put the real mailman aliases that pipe to the 
mailman binary into its aliases file...

This seems something of a mess..  and I'm also having a problem that 
internal.com is resolved via dns to an external site  (who'd have 
thought :-) postfix seesm to ignore the hosts entries (and the 
/var/spool/postfix/etc/hosts) entries and is just using dns to resolve, 
(even though resolv.conf and hosts.conf are set to seach locally first)..

Anyway, after much scratching of my head, searching the net, reading 
mailman docs I am not really any closer to getting this working...

I am not a postfix guru (or any MTA for that matter.) so I am not even 
sure how I should be naming an internal mailserver that only has access 
to the external net via my real mail server.

Can you guys give me any pointers as to the best way I can achive this???

kindest regards


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