[Mailman-Users] Problem with Swedish characters

Rickard Andersson Rickard at dicom.se
Wed Nov 12 23:27:52 CET 2003

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with swedish characters in the subject line when sending mail to my
recently set up Mac OS X server (10.3) with mailman 2.1.2. Everything else works fine.
The thing that happens is that I get a space in front of the first swedish character and a space after the last one.
For example: "sm örgå sbord" should be "smörgåsbord". It only occurs in the subject line, not in the mail. If its more than
2 of those characters it will only effect the first and the last one!
I also just found out that it's only a problem when using Microsoft Entourage as a mail client.

Have any one heard of this problem?


Rickard Andersson

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