[Mailman-Users] help re: web_page_url and virtual hosts

mailman-users at davefisher.co.uk mailman-users at davefisher.co.uk
Fri Nov 14 15:00:51 CET 2003

Please forgive me if I have missed some obvious documentation, but I'm
having some difficulty getting mailman to co-operate in the use of
virtual hosts.

I've read Nigel Metherigham's Exim-Mailman howto and added his suggested
code to my exim.conf file.  List mail is definitely being delivered to
the correct domains. 

Unfortunately, all the message components that contain the web_page_url
string variable have it evaluating to one domain name (usually the wrong
one) even though components using host_name evaluate to each list's
correct domain.

Apache is serving all the list web pages on all the domains it hosts,
instead of limiting each list to its appropriate domain.  

The most immediate thing I need to know, is where I can definitively set
the default value, and the per list values, for web_page_url.

I am using Debian, which has basic configs in /etc/mailman/mm_cfg.py and
that imports Defaults (I am guessing from

I've changed the values of DEFAULT_URL and DEFAULT_URL_HOST in
mm_cfg.py, and restarted mailman, but it still spews out the old default
domain for web_page_url on all lists.

I have read the comments in Defaults.py about virtual domains, but am no
wiser about what variables I should change or how I should change them
to get virtual domains to work properly.

These problems seem to lie with mailman per se, and the variables it
passes, rather than with Apache or Exim.


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