[Mailman-Users] Mailman

John DeCarlo jdecarlo at mitre.org
Fri Nov 14 20:55:55 CET 2003


1.  Search the archives.  This question has been answered before.  There 
are utilities to move from Yahoo to Mailman.

2.  Unlimited?  There is no hard-coded limit.  You should properly size 
your installation to support the number of users, bandwidth, etc.

3.  see 1.

4.  If you download the source, there is an INSTALL document, as well as 
other documentation that needs to be read.


Jun Sola wrote:

  > We are planning to use Mailman. My questions are:
> 1.	Is it possible to retreive our Yahoo archive and store it to
> Mailman?
> 2.	Can Mailman handle unlimited users?
> 3.	Is it possible to mirror our Yahoo subscriber to Mailman?
> 4.	Do you have a documentation explaining step by step on how to
> install it to Linux box?


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