[Mailman-Users] non member posting configuration

Raul G. raul at asmodean.net
Fri Nov 14 23:35:55 CET 2003

Hi.   Using MailMan 2.12 which is the version my web host provider uses.  
I've set up a list which has 10 members however it appears anyone can 
post to the list.  I've been reading the archives of this list and in 
those cases it says to go to privacy options and change the button 
which says members only.  I do not have such buttons on my admin privacy 
page.  The support person for my web host said to go to privacy and to 
sender options and I will find what I am looking for there.  I've done 
this and left all fields blank and set the generic non-member posting to 
discard.  I can still post to the list from a non-subscribed address.  
Where can I look to set this up correctly?

Thanks.  My goal is to only allow members to post to the list.

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