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Lena at Lena at
Sun Nov 16 00:35:15 CET 2003

> From: Bob Bowers <b-bowers()>

> I am having a formatting problem. The word "Blank" is being inserted in the
> beginning of messages.

> Example:
> To: <members at>
> Cc:
> From: Members at
> Subject: [CBAMembers MailList] Next Week's Breakfast
> BlankAttention ALL current and past CBA Members:

Your list is configured to filter content, it includes stripping HTML
along with attachments. Micr0$oft's MUAs (including Outlook Express)
by default send messages in two parts: plain text and HTML.
The sender uses a template called "blank" containing a
background and perhaps default font. Plain text part contains
that word "Blank". When such letter is sent privately, recipient's
Micr0$oft's MUA uses HTML part, so the blank itself (including
background) is visible instead of the word "Blank". One more
Micr0$oft's ploy to make incompatibilities with software made by
other companies. When such letter is sent to list, Mailman
removes second alternative part (HTML) and passes through the
first part (plain text with the word "Blank" at the beginning).

The best IMNSHO solution: tell everybody who sends messages to the list
to send messages in plain text instead of HTML.
How to:

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