[Mailman-Users] It's Yahoo's fault

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Tue Nov 18 05:17:15 CET 2003

       A while back I mentioned that some of my digests are getting posts 
which have a second post, including full headers, tacked onto them.  I have 
now tracked this to the way Yahoo is sending two part mail.  Each of the 
examples below is of a Yahoo message as it appeared in the preview screen 
for pending messages.  The opening <DIV> is backed up to the end of the 
plain text without so much as a space.  I am stripping html from my list, 
and the html is removed, but in the digest mbox this results in the next 
message starting where the tag opener for the div is.  Then when the digest 
is send, that second message is appended to the first, with headers and all.
      There is no problem in the archives, I assume because a break is 
entered after each message.  Any idea on how to hack mailman to deal with 
this Yahoo blunder is appreciated.


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