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Merle Reine merle.reine at lindows.com
Tue Nov 18 21:10:59 CET 2003

I have the php page to do this.

I have two drop down lists.  One shows all the email addresses of people 
on all the lists.  So a user can view what lists he/she  is on and then 
the other drop down is the list of lists.  Select the mailing list you 
want and it shows what email addresses are on the list.  I also have the 
number of list users labeled in the drop down.  It will require you to 
install php but other than that, it will work.  I run a cron every 5 
minutes so that the list is always updated.  Or you can run the script 
the cron runs every time the page is accessed (you would need to change 
the page and uncomment the line:
" // `/usr/lib/mailman/bin/find_member_html ^.* > 
/srv/www/htdocs/lists.txt`; " .

Attached is the script the cron runs, the cron, the script to list users 
and lists and the php page.  Let me know if you have any trouble.

I put update_list.sh and find_member_html in /usr/lib/mailman/bin/ and 
the mailman_lists2468.php page in /srv/www/(some created directory) .  
You will need to edit your httpd.conf file for this directory to be 

The script runs the /usr/lib/mailman/bin/list_lists command and outputs 
the lists and email addresses to a text file.  The php page parses the 
text file and makes it searchable.

I am also working on an easier admin page for mailman.  I modified the 
newlist script to have more secure defaults when creating a list and the 
new admin page has a text field to enter one or many email addresses.  A 
drop down lists all current email addresses subscribed to all lists or a 
drop down that lists all lists.  Selecting a user brings up all the 
lists available and a check box next to each with subscribe/unsubscribe 
(if already subscribed then the subscribe box is grayed out and same 
with if they are not a member then the unsubscribe is grayed out.)

There is a text field to put the name of a new list and it already has 
the default listadmin, etc. (which you can change).

AllKnightAccess at aol.com wrote:

>I'm seeking a page where the number of active subscribers are shown next to 
>the list name.
>In a message dated 11/17/03 8:15:05 PM, merle.reine at lindows.com writes:
><< I have over 300 mailing lists and need a way to view  a snapshot of each 
>list on one page.
>I know I can go to https://mail.domain.com/mailman/private/listname  to 
>see archive stats for each list but has anyone thought of a way to view 
>them all on one page to see what list is getting used and what one is 
>not?  Best scenario, graphical representation.
>Second best scenario,
>An html formatted page listing each list in a table with the 
>corresponding month next to it along with archive size or better yet, # 
>of messages in each archive for the months listed.
>I would be willing to help anyone write this via php if anyone else sees 
>a need for this. >>
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