[Mailman-Users] List migration to new machine

Kaan kcoskun at bilgi.edu.tr
Wed Nov 19 08:22:02 CET 2003

There is an upgrade documentation coming with the latest mailman 
version. It is very helpfull while imigrating to a new version. Basicaly 
you copy two directories, ./list and ./archive.

Good Luck,

Kaan Coskun

Ryan Johnson wrote:
> I looked for the solution to this in the archives, but could find a solution. My problem is I would like to move my existing list to another machine. I am going to keep the same directory structure, just upgrade mailman and htdig on the new box. What files do I need to move over to the new box? I know the listname.mbox, but what about all the user preferences? I am assuming the names of the users and their preferences are stored in a file and can simply be moved to another mailman install.
> I hope I have explained my problem well, thank you in advance.
> Ryan
> Ryan Johnson
> Security Architect
> ESP Group
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