[Mailman-Users] Install Doc Request

Jesse Burkhardt jesse at skybuilders.com
Wed Nov 19 18:19:46 CET 2003

Hi Folks,

I have just joined this list. I am quite frustrated in my search for 
documentation concerning Mailman installation: specifically how Apache 
web interfaces should be configured as well how the Sendmail config 
should be tweaked as an MTA. (I am sure there will be other issues to 
cover, such as employing multiple mail domains, etc.) So, if any of you 
are in possession of installation documentation please send me your 
links and docs.

Much Thanks.


 Jesse Burkhardt, Cambridge MA
 jesse at skybuilders.com  (w) 617-876-5680
 goose at aerogoose.com    (h) 617-354-5523

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