[Mailman-Users] dead in the water

Dat Bui dat at internode.com.au
Fri Nov 21 00:00:07 CET 2003

the messages are most likely being queued up in the ~mailman/qfiles/out

try running like 5 outgoing qrunners and see if that helps.


On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 09:19, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> After less than 24 hours operation, ALL our list mail just goes into 
> a black hole; postfix hands it off to mailman successfully and then 
> it just disappears, save some messages show up in the archives.
> It was working great up until about 2pm and then just everything 
> stopped- barely 12 hours worth.  I saw some stuff in the archives 
> about "shunt" problems, because we had one of those messages- but 
> moving to 2.1.3(we had 2.1.3 installed) hasn't cleared out any 
> messages and a new message disappeared as well. Nothing in 
> logs/post(well, save a "post from" message sometimes, maybe all the 
> time), qrunner, or error.
> qfiles/outgoing has 500+ files sitting in it; shunt has 6 or so, retry about 30
> We've got well over a dozen lists and 3.5k subscribers- and have been 
> down sinec about 2pm.  Any help is greatly appreciated:-)
> Brett

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