[Mailman-Users] Mods to digest

TG tg at linuxpackages.net
Fri Nov 21 14:04:32 CET 2003

Trying to upgrade to the current version of MM and I am having some
issues.  Due to the nature of how we use MM basically to send out notices
of packages it is a digest only type thing.  In older version to change
the format of the digest to make it more inline with what it is used for
we simply made changes to ToDigest.py With this version though no matter
what changes I seem to make they do not show up on the resulting lists
digest (it is being recompiled the pyc matches the py date and time of
What am I missing does it work different now from before?
We only change a few things like strip the email from the TOC and change
the TOC name to something like Todays bla  we also remove the from and to
boxes from each message since they are system emails anyway.  My python
skills suck as you might tell but through trial and error I have been able
to modify older version.

An example we change

print >> toc, _("Today's Topics:\n")


print >> toc, _("Today's Bla:\n")

Never changes in the digest.

Thanks for the help we really want to upgrade this version looks realy
nice and adds things we have been wanting and seems to be much faster
something we really needed with the amount of users we have.


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