[Mailman-Users] Web interface to mailing list

Davy Durham david.durham at arch.com
Thu Nov 20 18:59:47 CET 2003

If any of you have ever been a member of say a yahoo group then you may
know what I'm talking about...

There, you log into their web interface and can read and post email to a
list.  You also *do* receive and *can* send email via your email client
and ignore the web completely.  

I'm wondering if there is some software that is a web interface to a gnu
mailman mailing list that would allow people to log in and send/read
messages to the list.. and mailman would of course retain its original
functionality where users could do everything from their email client as

I know about MHonArch, but that doesn't really suit my wants.. sure you
can read there, but it's not really an interface geared toward
participating in a discussion group right there on the webpage.


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