[Mailman-Users] Slight misconfiguration

Conrad Winchester piercer at homechoice.co.uk
Wed Nov 19 13:17:26 CET 2003

After nearly giving up on setting up Mailman last night (attaching it to my
already working Qmail install) I did the right thing this morning and read
the documentation that came with it. (Dave Sill is normally very good, but
his install instructions in the qmail handbook are very lacking :-().


Anyway after setting everything up as per the documentation it seems to
actually work (even with qmail-to-mailman which is soooo convenient),
HOWEVER qmail is complaining about one thing in its send logs




Now I don't want to reconfigure with gid=mailman because that's wrong. So
how do "Try_tweaking_the_mail_server_to_run_the/script_as_group_"nofiles"".


FYI if an email does not get deffered it seems to be sent properly, it is
only the emails that get deffered.


Thanks for any help


Conrad Winchester



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