[Mailman-Users] Mailman won't install under Redhat Fedora

Sander Steffann steffann at nederland.net
Sun Nov 23 13:46:25 CET 2003


> By the way, for a non-Redhat user and besides it being a type of hat,
> what does "Fedora" mean in terms of Redhat Linux release
> numbers/versions.

RedHat stopped the RedHat Linux product-line. They now only provide and
support RedHat Enterprise Linux. The old RedHat Linux (which ends with
RedHat Linux 9) distribution has been converted into a community-based
distribution called Fedora. Although RedHat still helps with Fedora, it is
officially unsupported. Fedora Core 1 should be seen as what RedHat Linux 10
would have been...

to go back to the socket problem: My Fedora install can import socket
without any warnings or errors. I have the python-2.2.3-7 RPM installed.
Maybe Marc has an other/older version?


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